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Indian food is exposed to make combinations of flavours and seasoning than perhaps any other food in the world. Indian cuisine is based on this variety which in flavours encompasses hot and sour, hot and nutty, hot and sweet, bitter and sour and sweet and salty

In seasonings it stretches from freshness and sweetness of highly aromatic curry leaves to the dark pungency of the asafoetida, whose earthly aroma tends to startle.

Our spices shelves often contain more than thirty seasonings. The indian cuisine lies not only in squeezing several flavors. Out of the same spice by roasting, grinding or popping it whole into hot oil, but in combining seasonings curry leaves which popped mustard seeds with mint, ginger and garlic with green chillies to create a vast spectrum of taste. it is in the total mastery over seasoning that makes indian food quite unique.

Spices are use to keeping the gentleness of your taste in mind. The hot or chilli part of spices is kept out unless asked for tongue sweating strength.

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